2019 Soda City Beer Mile

I made a commitment to post race reports more, but the busyness of life kept me from getting this out in a reasonable time.


The 2nd Annual 2019 Soda City Beer mile was held on April 6, 2019. A couple weeks earlier than last year, but I’m certainly not complaining. Along with a new date came a new race location. This time at Swamp Cabbage Brewery here in Columbia. The format was the same, a two way loop with the beer station/transition area being near the middle of the loop.

If you recall, last year my beer choice was Oskar Blues  Mama’s Lil Yella Pils, but changes to this brew brought the ABV down from an even 5% to 4.8%. Sadly this easy drinking beer no longer qualifies under Beer Mile Standard Rules. My dilemma for this year…what beer to go with! I was thinking Left Hand Nitro Milk Stout as this was a very popular choice last year. After consulting with my man Ian, where we (I) wished for something like a 5% ABV Gose and coming to the conclusion that there was no such thing as a 5% or higher ABV Gose. Oh well. After this conclusion, I was pretty set on going with the Left Hand brew. Ian’s ultimate choice was Benford’s Nitro Chocolate Orange Stout in 13.6 oz cans…overachiever!

Like last year, I wait until race day to hit my local bottle shop. I walk the aisles looking at all the delicious options, grabbing some Red Hare SPF 50/50 just because it’s a great summer drinking beer. I get to the spot for Left Hand…and there is no Nitro Milk Stout. The clerk and I determined they were out. CRAP! Next choice… Ironically, finding a 5% ABV non-IPA/Pale Ale beer can be a bit of a challenge.

I was getting to the end of my rope and almost…I said almost made the decision to go with Bud Light Platinum…whew glad I didn’t have to stoop to that level! One last ditch effort to look at every beer option and then I see it…Duclaw’s Gose O’s! A 5.5% ABV Gose style made with cantaloupe and black lava sea salt. A nice homage to the Oriole’s, which is my favorite MLB team.

Race Check in, Just as we are turning in, Emma falls asleep. Jenny is a trooper and keeps her asleep after we found a nice shady spot behind the Swamp Cabbage sign.

I go grab my bib, a handful of the SCBM decals, say hi to all the usual suspects, try to con some of the other usual suspects into a last minute beer change to better my odds, and then last but not least, heckle the Race Director for his questionable short choices…No one wants to see that, Bobby!

Usual suspects
The usual suspects: Me, Alex, Drew, Jim, and Roy
More U.S.
More of the usual suspects. Too many to name/list
Bobby Scott
No one wants to see that Bobby…

Time to line up. Last minute instructions from the esteemed RD and beer cider mile runner (gotta give him credit for finding a 5% cider). The anticipation is palpable. The horn sounds and a cascade of beers being opened.

Start LIne
Start Line waiting

The first Gose goes down smoothly, almost too smoothly. Now I’m off! Obviously I’m not a speedster nor was I planning on crushing any beer mile records. My main (and honestly only) goal was #DontPuke. The first little out to the first turnaround is a short section. I use this to hit my chest several times to get the burps out. I look up and see Ian flying. I yell out “Too Fast, Slow Down!”

I finish the lap, faster than I started. Grab the second Gose, again this one is easy to get down. Start my second lap, I see there is already evidence of puking along the course…lightweights! HA! The second lap was a slightly faster pace but I’m still not at full speed. I roll into the transition area and grab that 3rd beer.

If you’ve completed a beer mile, you know this is the beer that can be a bit tricky. If you’ve not had the joy of running beer mile, this beer is the beer that tends to put your stomach at that near full level and this beer lap is where the most puking tends to happen. The 3rd beer surprisingly goes down nicely and I’m not feeling to full. I look for Ian and see he has dropped back some, later to learn that his beer suffered from too much foam and was a little bit tough to get down. In the heat of that afternoon, I was kinda glad I didn’t go with the stout in the moment. Third lap comes and goes uneventfully.

Fourth beer/Fourth Lap.
This beer was TOUGH to get down! I was forced to do small sips vs. tipping the can up and chugging. This slowed be down a bunch. My goal was still #DontPuke and not for time so I was ensuring I was good to go.

Transition area
Fourth Beer…not as easy to get down

Off for my 4th lap. I somehow come up on John Sherrer a.k.a. Driveby and was wondering if he was on a penalty lap. He wasn’t.

Running with Driveby

I felt good running side-by-side with Driveby until the turnaround for the home sprint. I took the inside corner but Driveby managed to turn on the jets and left me in the dust!

Driveby Jets
Driveby has some jets
my finish no puking
Finished, no puking!

I finished, without puking, in 10:59. 8:03 moving time, with a running pace of 7:39. The distance came up with a little extra bonus at 1.05 miles. I requested a Heavyweight division next year….NO, I’m not talking about a Clydesdale division (which I am a member of), but a 8% ABV or higher category. I commit now, if added, I’m doing Oskar Blues TenFidy.

Official Results:

SCBM ResultsSCBM Results 2

In full disclosure, post race, I had a small sip of water. Shortly after, Emma asked me to pick her up, which I did but shouldn’t have. The water and water only came back up shortly after. Maybe I’ll actually train for this event next year…maybe but doubt it.

My Strava Entry

SCBM Strava


A few other pictures (all but the pictures of my Gose are courtesy of Jedi Runner Photography):

Up next for me:
The Vertical Mile Challenge on June 15th
Cremator 50 Mile on July 7 (Invitation Only/Sold Out)
FATS 50K on October 6th

Up next for Jenny:
Heart and Sole Women’s 5 Miler on April 20th
Downhill at Dawn Double on May 25th

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