Women’s Heart and Sole 5 Miler

Today was my 4th time running this race, but this was by far the most special one for me, running it with my sweet Emma on board. I love this race. There’s always great energy, as well as awesome volunteers and crowd support along the course. The course is challenging (can you say Gervais St hill?)

and scenic–taking you through Soda City Market which is fun AND tempting at 6 months pregnant, smelling all that yumminess! But perhaps my favorite thing about this race is the post race chocolate covered strawberries! (The Rose is nice too, but I mean…chocolate covered strawberries! Have I mentioned I’m pregnant?) I admit, this year I took two–but hey! One for me and one for Emma is only fair, right?!

Back to the race though. I was so lucky and honored to have my love there with me at the start, and various times along the course…cheering, smiling, and taking pictures. He means the world to me! And I have to admit every time I heard him yelling “look at that pregnant lady!” it put a pep in my waddling…er…running step.

I had fun cheering with Judy Gatson in the opening ceremonies, alongside my dear friend Dara, who was running this race for the first time!

And after some standing around and stretching, we were off.

I stuck to my 5:1 run/walk ratios throughout the race and felt comfortable. Right now I let my body set the pace. If my breathing feels good, I can chat, thank volunteers, and cheer for other runners…I know I’m good.

I had several runners give me pats on the back, so to speak, for running pregnant and that was really nice. I enjoyed all the women I was fortunate to run near.

I expected to finish in about 1:10-1:15, so when I came through the finish in 1:03, I was very very pleasantly surprised and proud! My favorite moment was coming down the last hill into the finish. I was passing two Black Girls Run ladies I had been leap frogging with throughout the race. As I passed they both started running again. I laughed at said “y’all were like heeeeeck no we aren’t gonna let a pregnant lady beat us!” They smiled and nodded. I told them I was happy to be their motivation and definitely found them and high fived them afterward.

It was a beautiful day and a fun race. I’m incredibly grateful my body and baby still let me be so active!

This is at the finish with my friend, Dara. Proud of us both!

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