March For Meals – The Wild Run 5K (Jenny’s view)

It’s been a while since we have posted. Speaking for myself, it’s because running hasn’t been in the forefront lately…

As a matter of fact, I was just barely pregnant with our little blessing when we ran the half marathon from our last post. Since then I have continued running, just a little slower and shorter…and always listening to my body. I feel extremely grateful I’ve been able to continue yoga (both teaching and my personal practice), and kettle bells as well. I believe staying active has helped to curb any pregnancy symptoms.

Today was my first race since knowing I am pregnant. I am 18 weeks at this point.

I expected to be doing 5:1 run/walk intervals today, and planned (as always) to listen to my body and just go with what I was feeling based on my breathing, etc. I felt great today and when I got to the 5 minute mark I didn’t really feel ready for a walk break, so I didn’t take one. Granted I was running a good minute to two minutes slower than my pre-pregnancy pace. I ended up deciding to just continue trotting the whole way. I did walk long enough to take water at the station, but then got back to running (jogging more accurately).

I finished in 36:03. I was 56 out of 122 female runners and 122 out of 211 overall runners. I’m super proud of this. Not so much for the time or the place. It’s certainly a far cry from my current 5K PR of 28:40; I’m proud that I felt steady and strong. I’m proud that I had a good time and a smile on my face. And I’m grateful beyond measure to be able to continue running while I am a vessel for the sweet baby we are so thrilled to welcome into our family. 

I will also say, this was my first time running on the Timmerman Trail. I really enjoyed it and thought it was very pretty.

I came in so “fast” that David didn’t even see me! He happened to get me in the background of this photo he took of one of his co-workers.

The best part, as always, was the kiss from him at the end.

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