March for Meals “The Wild Run” 5K – David

One of the things I gave up on several years ago was running 5K races. My focus was on the ultra distance events and training for endurance and not for speed. My company was one of the sponsors for this race and as such we received comp’d entries. I knew going in that I’ve been much slower than I was before I stopped racing in 2015 to focus on gaining strength and flexibility, but at the same time, I know myself and my competitive drive to push. I kept telling myself to just run at what felt comfortable since I’ve got Bear Blaster 50K+ March 12th and Blind Pig 100 April 2nd-3rd.

Weather at the start was right at 40° and clear.


Can’t miss the pre-race selfie!

I had to run with my phone due to my Garmin fenix bricking itself and since I sent it in for replacement. Race started right on time with a decent sized crowd. A quick kiss before the start with mutual “Have a good race” and we’re off.

I started off at a slightly faster pace than expected at around 8:15/min but this helped me clear the crowd. I settled into a surprisingly comfortable 8:30 pace. First mile was a 8:31 pace with me passing a handful of people. Second mile, I honestly was expecting to tank a little more than I did but still managed to continue to pass other runners at an 8:43 pace. The last mile I picked my pace back up seeing that I didn’t tank and knew I was getting close to being done. When my phone read 2.6 miles, I quickened my pace some to catch the runners ahead of me. I steadily increased my pace to an all out sprint, finishing in 26:47 gun time. The chip time Strava recorded was 26:38. I was a full minute and half faster than what I was expecting to finish based on my current training pace and the fact that I just ran 6.4 miles Friday with the F3 Amble group!


Overall, I’m very happy with my results knowing how slow I’ve felt here lately.

Now on to more training miles and Bear Blaster/Blind Pig prep!

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